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  1. Welcome and Observations

Although poets and writers often begin their work in solitude, they do not end it there. A group of poems, pieces of non-fiction and full length manuscripts inevitably need and benefit from another set of highly trained eyes. This holds true for all poets and writers, from the novice to the well-established practitioner. I have witnessed the power of mentoring and the impact of finely-honed, skilled feedback on both the writer and his or her work as it is nothing short than transformational.

Having taught and mentored across four decades, I attend closely and carefully to the words, but also to the writer and that writer’s practice as deepening the practice deepens the writing. If one is just entering the writing life, I can provide exercises and insights tailored to individual needs of both younger writers and adults. When working with a full-length manuscript, I offer line-edits, margin notes and brief comments on the body of the work, then write an extensive, detailed letter to the writer discussing all matters of craft, content and form. I also include inspirations, teachings, guidance, observations and suggestions necessary for the fullest possible revision as revision is its own exquisite art form. In addition, the author may elect to have a phone conversation with me, or when feasible, a visit here with me at Sea Cabin Retreat



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